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I placed my order for a SHARP 42” LCD TV for $1174.99 and stated I would like to pay $99.99 for the shipping in order to expedite the process and have the shipping company to call me prior to arrival.

Order was reconfirmed on Oct 2nd 2007. The sales person Tom was very nice and asked me to buy the 3 years extended warranty for $199.99. I said "No" to him many time, but he did give up. Finally, I thought it might be better for me to accept it, otherwise they might do some damage to the TV

I agreeded to buy the extended warranty and got two TV cleaning kit for free. Then he told me the total amount would be $1521.96 and I would receive my TV in the end of this week or the early of the next week.

At that time I didn’t do any calculation by myself and felt nothing wrong with the total amount. However, when I check the order status on-line, I found out there was an item call HIP showing on my order and it cost me $46.99 more than I expected.

Right away, I called back to talk to Tom and asked him what was HIP stands for and why I were being charged for it. He said everybody has to pay for this processing fee. Then, I asked him could I not to buy the extended warranty. He told me everything was processed and packed in the TV box; and shipping company will pick the TV up. He also told me he would send me the confirmation for this purchase and shipping information right away.

At that moment, I thought it might worth it to pay a little extra to get better service with such expensive product. After the phone call, I didn’t receive any confirmation, but I received a phone call from the credit card service center regarding this purchase. I approved this purchase at the same day. However, I have never received the tracking number or any shipping information.

On Oct 8th 2007, I called Go Buy Digital and asked them where my TV was. They said the TV was shipped out already. Then, I asked them for the tracking number. They said they would send the shipping information to me through e-mail. However, I insisted to have my tracking number through the phone right away. Of course, they didn’t give to me and we started arguing.

Later on, their supervisor Charles called me and told me and my co-worker the TV had been shipped out on Oct 7th 2007. He also promised that he would give me the shipment tracking number by the end of Oct 8th 2007 and I would receive my TV with in two days.

Therefore; I wait for two more days. Obviously, I received neither my tracking number nor TV. I called Go Buy Digital aging in the morning on Oct 10th 2007. This time Charles told me he would check with their shipping company and give me the shipment tracking number by the end of Oct 10th 2007. I asked them to provide me the tracking number through the phone, and they refused. I told them if they are not able to provide me any service I am turning against this purchase. However, they said once the merchandize had been shipped, I couldn’t cancel it.

After that phone call, I decided to call my Master Card customer service center and asked for help. After I have talked to the service agent, I decided to file a dispute to against this purchase. I also called Go Buy Digital right away and told them that I had filed a dispute against this purchase through my credit card company.

However, they still kept saying the TV had been shipped out on Oct 9th 2007 and I would receive my tracking number right away. What happened to the end of that call was he pretended he couldn’t hear from me and hanged up his phone.

On Oct 11th 2007 at the time 03:45:01 a.m., I have received my shipment tracking number. Then I found out the shipment was requested for pick-up on Oct 10, 2007 at 6:16pm and picked up at 6:53pm. This once again proved they have been dishonest with me. Also, everybody knows FedEX will never call you prior to arrival.

I totally lost my faith with this company. Right away, I informed the shipping company that I have already filed a dispute against this purchase and asked them to stop the shipment, because who knows what kind of TV I will get from this dishonest company.

I have also found many complain filed regarding Go Buy Digital on the web. One of them wrote he had received a used TV form Go Buy Digital and the problem wasn’ solved yet.

I am still fighting to get my money back and report my case to BBB (Better Business Bureau Serving Upstate New York). I am hoping anyone who has similar experience with this company report their case to BBB and asking BBB to do something to this terrible company.

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Gobuydigital is the crappiest company alive

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There must be a requirement to work at theis company to be either a ***, a crook, or both.Bought a TV, Was told the item had been shipped for 3 weeks, then told the item wasn't in stock and the order was cancelled.

Had to go thru my credit card company to get a refund. Employees are idiots, rude. Expect to be on hold for 1/2 hour if you need to talk to somebody and another 1/2 hour to talk to a manager who is just as dumb as the last. They also will ask for an extra 60 for just the standard stand and a 6% insurance fee.


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Gobuydigital.com SUCKS! Hidden fees galore! Pull out a magnifying glass to read the small print.

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If you're considering buying from GOBUYDIGITAL.COM be very careful.Hidden fees galore!

Pull out a magnifying glass to read all the small print. I bought a LCD TV. I think I have processed the order when I get emails and phone calls stating that I have to speak to one of their representatives to "verify". Over 2 days I spent over 4 hours on hold.

The first thing they try to do is to sell me a newer, more expensive model. When I decline, the representative informs me that the 37" LCD TV does not come with a stand, but he would be happy to sell me one for an additional $50. At this point it is no longer a bargain. Then I find out that there is a mandatory 6% insurance fee that is not included in the original invoice emailed to me (where they do talk about S&H).

6% on a Sharp 37" LCD TV is a rather large fee. At this point it feels like a scam. However, being frustrated I reluctantly agree to the new model. A few minutes later, I find the model on Amazon for much cheaper without any hidden charges or small print.

I call back within the hour to cancel and after 45 minutes on hold (and 3 separate people) I am told that they are going to charge me $92 if I cancel. What a bargain.

If you want to be scammed shop gobuydigital.com.

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BEWARE OF DECEPTION!Ordered a large LCD Tv and web site prominently displayed "free shipping".

The day after ordering I get a call asking to "confirm the order". I was told that the shipping "that I chose" (free shipping displayed when placing item in cart and checking out) would arrive in 30 days as it will take 5 - 7 "business days" to process the order, then up to 14 "business days to transport via "freight carrier". There would be no tracking number, no insurance, and only curbside delivery. "If the set arrives broken it could not be returned: only could be returned to the factory." If I wanted the next best option, I could choose the "$99.00 shipping".

PROBLEM: they actually charged me $150.00 more. When I went to the web site it actually showed a 3-5 day shipping option for $69.00. When I called, ( anytime you call you wait on hold for AT LEAST 45 minutes!) to ask about the up-charge, I was hasseled. At that point I Cancelled my order.

I was told I could not cancel and they would ship anyway and charge a 20% restocking fee if I didn't accept the delivery! I called my credit card company and disputed the charge that appeared on the card SIX DAYS LATER! Never got an email, never got an order confirmation to show an order was processed nor shipped. I haven't seen any shipment arrive to even refuse!

This company has other ALIAS' such as PRP Home Theater, INC., DRPlasma, Plasma House, ValuePlasma.See Cnet forums link here for more horror stories from other suckers: http://forums.cnet.com/5208-7596_102-0.html?forumID=60&threadID=259495&start=0

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GoBuyDigital - Rip-off company

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I recently ordered a HD TV from GoBuydigital and every time I try to get in touch (e-mails & phone calls) they completely ignore me,I have spent countless hours on hold.

They don't even acknowledge the fact for support requests through e-mail.I tried to cancel the order but I can't get through to the customer support dept.

I don't know what to do, my credit company says until they actually charge for the merchandise there's nothing they can do.

I would urge people to stay away from this company as they seem to be rip-off sellers.Dennis Sullivan

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I had the same issues and the same lack of communication.I read all the compliants after I bought my TV so I was aware of their scam.

When the TV came, I asked the UPS guy to wait while I checked the serial number. I called Sharp and they told me it was a refurb and considered beyond repair. I refused shipment and submited a claim with the FTC, the upstate BBB and the Brooklyn police Dept regarding these guys. I also saved all emails I sent to them even though they never sent anything back and kept copies of everything.

My Credit card company deleted the charges and Gobuydigital(AKA Drplasma, and a bunch of other names) never sent a second response after I bombarded them with documentation.The bottom line is these guys are doing fraudulant advertising and deceptive selling practices and should not be allowed to do business!!

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